Life Happens



As happens with me…life gets in the way sometimes of my writing commitments and I get sidetracked from doing what I need to in order to stretch my creative wings!

I have thought of many different posts over the last few weeks that I’ve been absent. The first was about “Deployment”!

My son deployed almost a month ago to a place with lots of sand and heat. With the Middle East in so much turmoil, I of course, worry about him. I know that he is safe inside the place he is stationed and he is not an infantry position but I still worry. So much unrest, so many terroristic, militant groups. Anything it seems can happen anywhere over there. So, I worry. That is my job I’ve learned as a mama. I worry.

Now that is not to say that I sit around anxious, wringing my hands all day in tears. No, it just means that I keep my ear to the news a little more than I should and a piece of my heart has left the US to go over to a giant, hot sandbox. It is an odd feeling knowing that my son is not just a few hours away from me, but he is now a couple of days away! I won’t touch him or see him physically for at least a year. I’m extremely grateful that I can talk to him often (when he calls) because communication services is so different than it used to be. I can’t imagine what it was like for mothers in WW I & II, Korea, Viet Nam or even Desert Storm.

Deployment so far has just left me feeling a little adrift in life. I have so much going on in my ‘other’ life that is not about being a mom, but being a fledgling author, that I’m hopeful it will keep me busy for the majority of the next year or so!

Who knew that the worst part of publishing a book was going to be the marketing of said novel. I always wanted to write this story and share it with the world, but the hardest part is getting it out there for the world to find!

If I were a little better off financially I might not be so concerned because I could afford to do whatever I needed to do to get the book out there to my adoring fans that I just know will love DeLaine’s story once they get hooked! But, alas, I am not. So, I work hard at spinning my wheels sometimes. I have a lot of a dreams and I don’t intend to stop reaching for them.

For a while in my life, I thought that dreaming and reaching for dreams was just a distant memory. I thought that my life would revolve around doctors, pain and just existing until I died. Today, it is like a part of me was long asleep and was awoken a few years ago.

With every day, it seems like my dreams get bigger and wider than they were before. I wanted to write my book…so I wrote it plus 6 more! I wanted my book to get published and hold it in my hands…so I self-published! I only thought I’d get one published…my 2nd volume, in the continuing series, is at the publisher’s right now! I wanted to sell my story and make everyone feel something with my writing. I wanted to touch others with the story about a girl who is growing up and thinks that there is no way anyone else could possibly understand her life…I must be doing that from the reviews I’ve gotten from complete strangers as well as the many calls I’ve gotten from people who don’t even know me to tell me that they completely related with my story.

Now my dream is to be able to get all of the series published without putting myself in bankruptcy court. I want more folks to find DeLaine’s story. I want to share her with everyone! So, my dreams are still big and wide. I’ve realized that my days of dreaming are NOT over. They are just beginning. Being almost 50 doesn’t mean I’m dead! It means that I’ve lived and I’m still living large and I will continue to live large! That is what my destiny is…whether being a hugely successful author is part of my destiny or not, I don’t know. I only know that as long as I can keep dreaming and shooting for bigger and better things the longer I will truly feel alive. If I ever begin to lose that spark, my dreams, and my life becomes one of only existing, then I know that time is getting short…so until then, I’m dreaming big! I’m reaching for all the stars I can and I’m ever grateful for every dream that is coming way!

Life does get in the way sometimes…but isn’t that what it is supposed to do???
Peace my lovely fans~


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